EVM assessment tools

Tool Details Description Download
The EVM site selection tool xls, 3.13Mb The EVM Site Selection Tool is an Excel-based tool used to conduct the site selection process in a standardized way to ensure that the assessment results within and across countries can be interpreted and compared in a consistent way.

The EVM site selection tool userguide pdf, 846kb N/A

The EVM assistant tool xls, 1.55Mb The EVM Assistant Tool is an Excel tool used to collect and process the numerical data required for scoring certain EVM indicators in a standardized way, so as to ensure that assessors score in a consistent manner.

The EVM assistant tool userguide pdf, 1.57Mb N/A

The EVM report template (version 2.0) doc, 195kb This Word template outlines the standard format and minimum content required for an EVM assessment report.

EVM improvement plan template (version 2.0) xls, 196kb This Excel template provides the standard structure and outlines the minimum content required for an EVM improvement plan.

EVM user guides

Guide Details Description Download
EVM assessment tool user guide version 1.0.9 in English pdf, 1.31Mb N/A